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Every TEDx event is unique and TEDxIlala is no exception. While we are an independently organised event, we are licensed under the TEDx name and so adhere to their rules and regulations. We get asked a lot of questions about how the event will happen so decided to gather the questions in one place. We hope you find your answers here but if not get in touch!

On the 23rd of May we held an information session at Kinu. Some of the following questions were asked there, we have paraphrased them and added a little more detail. We are also continuing to add to the questions as they arise.

Do you know the venue or not yet?
We are currently in discussion with two venues to finalise our terms and agreements. We will be announcing the venue location in June.

Is it possible to have more than one speaker in a talk?
Yes, the TEDx rules do not limit the number on speakers on stage during a talk. However, they recommend having only one speaker as it complicates the filming, lighting, and audio. We are open to applications that include more than one speaker, however there should be a good reason for doing so.

How many attendees can you have under your license?
Our licence allows us to have 100 attendees. Because we have had a lot of interest in the event, we will be asking those who would like to attend to submit an application form.
We will be livestreaming the event for anyone to watch wherever they are in the world. We are also in the process of organising a number of venues for ‘livestream parties’, where you can watch with a group. If you are interesting in hosting a livestream party, get in touch!

What are you looking for from partner?
Partners in the TEDx programme are more than just sponsors. We are looking to work with organisations that operate along the same ethos as us and partnerships offer the opportunity for collaborative relationships and a chance to be part of something meaningful. We also welcome creative ideas from partners about how we can work together and collaborate. We are open to partnerships with organisations in all sectors however as per TEDx rules we cannot have partners who sell weapons/ammunition, tobacco/cigarettes or adult-oriented products/services. Partners also have no editorial control or veto power over our program.

What kind of in-kind services are you looking for?
We are primarily looking for in-kind support in the areas of printing services e.g. banners, programmes, and production/technical support. We do however, welcome partners from all industries and have additional information for partners can be found here. We also welcome creative ideas from partners about how we can work together and collaborate.

My organisation is interested in a partnership with TEDxIlala, can I also be a speaker?
No, as per TEDx rules, partners cannot be speakers at the TEDx event they’re sponsoring.

Do you need accommodation for speakers?
We may have a limited number of speakers from outside Dar es Salaam, for those speakers we are currently discussing with a potential partner about providing accommodation.

How many speakers will there be?
There will be around 10-12 speakers. We will also have creative performers, including musicians and poets. As per TEDx rules, we are also required to show official, pre-recorded TED Talks (talks featured on TED.com).

What is the selection process for the speakers?
All speakers should fill in the online application form [now closed]. A selection committee will then review the speakers and may request some additional information or interview. A long-list of speakers will be drawn up and following this the committee will look at how the speakers can compliment one another i.e. we will have speakers from a variety of sectors, and finalise the lineup for the day. If you are interested in being a speaker we recommend you read the application form carefully and answer the questions fully.

Do speakers receive any renumeration/expenses?
As per TEDx rules, we will not be paying any speakers fees. However, as a speaker you do receive additional benefits beyond presenting. We will be having a number of side events which speakers will be invited to. As a speaker you are also invited to attend the entire day and participate in lively discussions & idea sharing with attendees, other speakers, our partners, and volunteer team.

I would like to talk about the great work my organization is doing. Can I talk on their behalf or assign someone from my organization to speak?
Talks should be by individuals and not organisations. While people can talk about the the implementation of an idea through the work they do i.e. specific organisation, it should not be about that organisation only, or on behalf of that organisation. If you are chosen to be a speaker, you invitation to speak is not transferable – the invitations to speak are extended to individuals not organisations.
TED rules also say: “Speakers should not promote their own products, books, or businesses or those of a company which employs them. The only exception is where they have specifically been invited to give a powerful product demo, or to describe the ideas in their book, and here the focus should still be on the technology and/or the ideas.” This is just something to bear in mind in your application.

Is it going to event going Tanzania specific?
Yes, we the TEDx event we are organising is taking place in Ilala, Dar es Salaam, so talks and activities will related to issues that directly affect this location. However, that the geographical region is varied and there are a range of issues that affect the global south, particularly urban settings. In addition, the theme of the day is ‘Yes, In My Lifetime’ and this should related to a change that can take place that affects those who live, work, and spend time in Ilala.

What type of volunteers are you looking for?
We are looking for people with specific skills and general volunteers on the day. Currently the specific skills we are looking for are in audio/visual, especially anyone who has been part of a live broadcast event. We will be recruiting volunteers during July, and finalising the volunteer team in August. Volunteers will be required to attend short training sessions and be available all day on the 5th of September. More information will be posted soon, for updates follow our social media pages. [now closed for volunteer applications]

Is it possible to change the font, it’s a bit difficult to distinguish between the uppercase I and lowercase l.
No, we follow the brand guidelines provided to us by TEDx. Our logo must follow a strict design (for more information see here). The font face used by TED & TEDx is Helvetic Neue and for consistency we try to use this as much as possible.

Are you employed/linked to TED?
No, everyone involved in TEDxIlala is a volunteer. No one in the organizing team is linked to TED. We are licensed under TEDx and TEDxIlala is independently organised TED-like event.

Why TEDxIlala and not TEDxDar?
The licence granters at TED have decided that they don’t want to issue a city-wide TEDx licence for Dar es Salaam at the moment. A TEDx licence is valid for one year in that location, by issuing a TEDxDar licence it wouldn’t allow for other (potential) TEDx events to take place.

Are you linked to TEDxDar?
No, TEDxIlala has a different organising team.

Will TEDxIlala take place every year?
Yes, we hope so!

x = independently organized event